“Style Your Hair While Seducing Your Taste Buds”

Former National Gymnast, hairstylist and entrepreneur, Wing Guan built his concept business Color Matrix Cafesalon to mix styling, art and coffee as a whole.

Wing Guan, the founder of Color Matrix Cafesalon wanted to create a business which not only meets the beauty needs of his customers, but can also satisfy their taste buds. By making the salon have a vibe similar to one of a café, they could give their customers a professional hairstyle as well as a good cup of coffee.

“Many customers know it is a lengthy process to perfect and style their hair at a salon,” Guan explains regarding his unique business approach. “When waiting for the completion of your hair, there is nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee and pastries while reading a magazine or surfing the web. 

Along with the assortment hairstyle choices you can find at Color Matrix, you can also choose from a large variety of café-inspired beverages and pastries. Guan wanted to bring the laid-back atmosphere of a coffee shop to his salon where his customers could feel at ease during their appointment. The salon and café offers different types of coffee such as espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and americanos. Fresh smoothies and juices are also available along with specialty cakes and pastries.

“I see this salon and café combination as an excellent niche in the market. I enjoy the creative atmosphere which is very soothing for the typical, busy NYC’er,” states Guan.


"Education and Experience Supports the Salon’s Vision"

At a young age, Guan felt drawn to help perfect beauty. His intense imagination gave him the edge over others when completing his certification through The Tease Group. Studying cosmetology and being trained by the founder of the school provided him with the knowledge and confidence he needed to move forward with his business endeavors.

“I practiced at various salons to gain maximum experience with different types of cultures and styles,” Guan explains of his knowledgeable background. Guan’s rigorous training gave him the drive to create the successful, unique salon that Color Matrix is.

when he was hand-designing his dream store

when he was at NY Fashion Week


"Coffee and Customers Come First"


Color Matrix Salon is a business where the beauty and self-esteem of their customers is critical and good coffee is just as important. Guan hopes those who visit feel at peace in the comfortable environment they have created. 


Color Matrix team is ready to make excellent coffee for those either waiting for their hair to perfect or those stopping in quick to grab a cup on-the-go. 


“Within a fast-paced city, there are times we need to relax and freshen ourselves,” states Guan. “Let’s enjoy tasty, fresh drinks while we balance it with a fresh look.”